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20th May 2018

Both Brady Kurtz and Linus Sundstrom saw their dreams of being in the GP Challenge smashed despite both hitting double figures in their respective qualifiers.

Pirates' number on Kurtz scored 10 points in Slangerup, Denmark which saw his fellow countryman and former team-mate Jack Holder (12) finish in second behind former world number 2 Krzysztof Kasprzak (13) with the third qualifying spot going to past GP regular Niels-Kristian Iversen.

Later in the day Sundstrom also managed 10 points in the Lonigo, Italy round won by Kenneth Bjerre (13) and required a run-off to determine the other two qualifying spots with David Bellego and Kevin Wolbert beating fellow 12-pointer Chris Harris to book their places in the Landshut, Germany meeting at the end of July.


Matej Zagar, Antonio Lindback and Janus Kolodziej all successfully negotiated the third of the four qualifiers held in Zarnovica, Slovakia whilst the final qualifier takes place in Abensberg, Germany on Monday.


Slangerup: K.Kasprzak 13; J.Holder 12; N.Iversen 11; R.Lambert 10; B.Kurtz 10; T.Lahti 10; J.Thorssell 8; M.Michelsen 8; K.Nilsson 7; L.Frederiksen 7; D.Bewley 6; A.Thomsen 4; J.Kostygow 4; J.Mustonen 4; A.Lyager 3; G.Moi 2; B.Wilson-Dean 1; W.Lysak 0.


Lonigo: K.Bjerre 13; D.Bellego 12+3; K.Wolbert 12+2; C.Harris 12+1; V.Milik 10; A.Jonsson 10; L.Sundstrom 10; B.Smektala 9; R.Tungate 8; N.Covatti 7; D.Tessari 5; T.Aarnio 5; D.Kurmis 3; S.Stojs; M.Tressarieu 2; R.Benko 0

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